In May, people will be filing there 2018 Tax Return in another 7 months with a recurring Moooooan and Grooooooan. Now is the time to take your preventative medicine and avoid the pain!

We all form habits, we are human. We try to develop good ones to replace the bad ones and often we are successful but most successes don’t come without a coach, cheerleader or some kind of support.

Tax Time is usually a time of regret over not being successful at last years promise to oneself, “I not going to pay this much again, I`m going to keep better records and search out a Tax plan or some professional help and get smarter about this!” Then summer comes and the golf clubs, fishing gear or other hobby peaks up its head and says to you… ”what are you crazy, we are gonna spend this beautiful day at a Tax Office planning next year’s outcome when we could be on the greens??”

Here is what you do to have your cake and eat it too! Watch the weather forecasted for the week on Monday. Figure out if there is an afternoon after 4 pm looks like rain. Tell your boss you’re leaving early or if your retired don’t say yes when asked to tonight’s dinner gathering. Instead, call your local Tax Planning office and get your last years return and your current financial statements and make an appointment.

With six months to change behavior, read and self-educate and take baby steps with your planner it’s not too late to have real success. Procrastinate and the summer will be gone and your chances of real success will be greatly diminished.